Artist Statement

The mind-body and self-other duality often creates an unstable and fragile experience of being. We are constantly in a state of flux, with perceptions and feelings constantly shifting and changing. I am fascinated by how each individual develops their own unique experience of this duality and how it affects their sense of self. I believe that understanding this duality is essential to understanding the connections between mind, body, and self, as well as the connections between one's own experience and the external world. Therefore, the fundamental limitation of understanding “others” is that we are limited by our own understanding, knowledge, and experience. We can only understand “others” through our own lenses, which can be limited and distorted. We cannot truly know what it is like to be “others” and can only try to understand them through our own perspectives.


Self-consciousness can also allow us to become more aware of the systems of oppression that exist in our society, and to challenge them. It can help us to recognize and reject the false narratives and ideologies that are imposed upon us and to make conscious decisions to fight against them. Overall, self-consciousness is an essential tool to develop in these current social, political, economic, cultural, and religious circumstances. It can help us to fight against oppression, to become more empathetic, and to make better decisions about our mental health and well-being.


My work often reflects this idea of action and reaction. By taking inspiration from the shapes and forms of my everyday emotions, I bring to life my own interpretation of the world around me. Through the use of abstract shapes and forms, I create an environment in which the viewer can explore and discover their own meaning. I believe that by allowing the viewer to interpret my work, they are engaging in their own form of emotions, and creating a new meaning and understanding. Through this process, I hope that my work can provide a space for the viewer to explore and discover their own unique perspective. The viewer is also engaging in their own form of existential subsistence, by exploring their own interpretation of the world around them.

(c)Mahedi Anjuman, 2023